Thursday, January 03, 2008


It snowed a couple of days ago in Cow Town and melted the next day. It's like that here now and again.

I'm half butt naked picking up the newspaper in the driveway at 5 in the morning and snap this picture of the front of the house.

Should have aimed below the old belt for a picture fit for Half Nekked Thursday. But it was very cold that morning and the picture would have more appropriately labeled Hide The Salami.

The weatherman calls for major storms in California over the next few days. They're talking 3 or more feet of snow in places which include Cow Puncher Valley. I'm due to drive from here to there Sunday (Monday is a work day). Who knows, maybe the snow will be too much and I'll stay home for a while longer.......

That would bring one more opportunity to play Hide the Salami! :)

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Naughty K said...

Oh yes... The Salami. I Know that it's one of my faves... hee hee

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Yeah but what will your wife think?


Blessed said...

Got a bit of snow in KY. Enough to call of school in my town. People up north would laugh at what it takes for school to be closed.
Yes, that flake of snow on the road can cause close schools.

Did I ever tell you that I a salami and cheese samich is one of my favs?

Just sayin'.

Tee hee hee hee

You know everytime I stop by your blog I just want to yell out
"caw, caw".
can't help it.
Maybe I should sign off that way.

Bob said...

Naughty K: The Salami - it's a new dance . . . try it out!

Fox: What wife?

Blessed: Damn, you're a woman after my heart. You. I. The jungle. Caw! Caw!

I'll be the Salami if you cut the cheese!

Blessed said...

You Tarzan.
Me Jane.

Bob said...

Blessed: Give me a vine and I'll be your swinger. Ahhh yeeee ahhhh yeah!

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