Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I am most upset. Here's what's happening. But first:

I brought Jilli home for the first time nine years ago with the idea of giving her to my mother-in-law as a companion.

But first, the wife and I wanted her house trained and well mannered. So we did that.

And during the course of what we were doing I fell head over heels in love with that dog of mine. Could not let her go. Could not hand her over to the mother - in law. Could not.

Jilli, when I'm with her - and that's not possible while I'm in the Valley working, sleeps with me (and the wife), will not let me out of her sight, has to ride in the truck with every opportunity, is nuts about playing ball or me hiding the ball somewhere in the house and she goes and finds it - which she does flawlessly and in quick time, regardless of where I put it.

Along with the wife, Jilli is an important part of my life. She's like one of our children.
Yesterday it was time for her geriatric exam with our vet. Yes, she's getting old - nine years is getting up there or so they say.

She's lively. She acts and looks like a pup. You'd never know she's ready for the rocking chair.

During the exam yesterday it is routine to insert a needle into a dog's bladder to extract urine.

During this routine something went wrong and Jilli began to cry out.

The wife was summoned to the vet's office. They were not certain what happened other than Jilli was in a lot of pain. They asked to sedate her and keep her overnight for observation. This was around 2:00 yesterday.

At 5 the Vet called and said that Jilli was crashing and going into shock . . . The wife and the daughter rush back to the vet's and fortunately their presence was calming to our dog.

Long story short, Jilli was taken to a specialist across town last night. The wife and daughter spent the night with her. We're hopeful all will be well and that our precious Jilli will come home with no on-going problems.

Last I spoke with the wife Jilli was sleeping peacefully in a cage in the animal hospital across town - under the covers just like in the first picture. She loves to be covered up.

I would have driven the 100 miles last night home to be with my dog but the roads were filled with snow and chains were required. Not having any chains I had to stay put in the Valley.

But it was helpful, reassuring know the wife and daughter were there with my girl.

Today we should know more about the long range effects, if any, of this mishap. And yes, the vet committing the mishap has taken full financial responsibility for righting this wrong.

And Dr. Vet, I will sue your ass off if for some reason Jilli is disabled or, heaven forbid - - - - that she doesn't make it through this. Your ass, Dr. Vet, will be mine.

Caring so much for an animal may sound nuts. At one point in my life - before this dog, I would thought anyone to be nuts to love a dog so much. To understand my feelings you'd have to get to know Jilli. She's one of a kind. She really is. I just a complete mess over what's happened.

I want to be on the beach playing ball with my dog and feel carefree again . . . the ocean in my front yard, a steak on the barbecue, a martini in the glass and Jilli on my lap.

Life does not get any better than that.

I hope to have better news tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

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Rick Caran said...

Hey Bob, i am very sorry to hear about your dog Jilli, and wish for a speedy recovery. I am a man with a tiny dog (a Yorkie, also named "Jilli", who's also 9 yrs old) who totally understands your connection and concern. 9 yrs isn't really old for the little ones, who can live 18-22 yrs +, with plenty of pep right up to 15-16 yrs +. I don't recall my vet extracting urine samples like that, but I'll have to ask.
Jilli Dog is as close to Judy and me as our kids are, and I feel sad for people who don't understand that. They're missing something.

We have a daily Google Alert for "Jilli Dog", about 'our' Jilli, and 'your' story came up.
Best regards, Rick Caran

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, I can so relate to this post. I had to give up my pooch because we found that he was the source of my son's allergies. It devasted us. Pets are pets to be sure but when they become one of the family, it like giving up a family member. Hang in there. I am sure everything will turn out for the best!


Anonymous said...

so sorry about the dog, bob. hope all is well. :)

8ggfpeckerwoodusa said...

Cookie and Spark are sending out Yorkie prayers, and me, 8thgf too is praying for Jilli. As foir the procedure, my expereience , it was done under anesthesia and a TUBE, not a needle, to my dog.

Max said...

I'm not sure when Dad's going to update this, but I just checked my email and had the following sad message:

"Jilli passed away at five this morning."

Sorry Dad. Sorry Jilli. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! I am so sorry to hear your news Bob.
I have no pity for the Vet.


Again I am so sorry.

I am so sad.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! It's amazing how animals are able to communicate to us humans in spite the language gap. Hope Jilli is in better condition these days. Take care.

Sexy Duet said...

Bob, so sorry about Jilli. Do remember the good times you had with her and know that she was a very lucky dog to have you to love and care for her.


Rachel said...

Oh no!!!

Oh Bob, I am so so sorry to read about Jilli. Oh my gosh, I'm just heart broken for you.

Sending prayers your way.

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