Wednesday, January 02, 2008


While browsing through a catalogue in July I knew that this was the perfect Christmas gift for our girl Grace.

She's half ballerina, half tom boy and with a little bit country sprinkled in.

So I bought it and for five months it lay quietly and undiscovered under the bed.
Come Christmas Day who would have thunked that Old Bob's family would have the opportunity to finally get their ducks in a row?

And who would thunked that the wife would take the most turns at shooting those ducks in a row with the laser beam pistol?

It was nice to see the wife enjoy a child's Christmas. . .

If you're looking for that special toy check out the shooting gallery at HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER & COMPANY.

Here's the link. by Picasa


Max said...

Or, save $20 and get it at JC Penny's for $29:

Sorry Dad, anti-Hammacher right now since they screwed up the gift from Mom to my nephews. They canceled her order twice because the item sold out and they didn't even bother to tell her.

For what it's worth, often turns up good deals for things I want to buy.

Bob said...

Oh well, next time. Anyway Max, I am not taking it with me which is why I prefer to spend double the amount on everything. Otherwise I won't be able to spend it all come Judgement Day. ..

Anonymous said...

oh, man! that toy is awesome! my kid would totally dig shooting those ducks. cool stuff, bob.

Bob said...

Katie - per Max shop JC Penny for half the price I paid. .. it's worth either one . . . lots of fun.

Sexy Duet said...

That game looks like so much fun, perhaps I should have asked for that for my birthday.


Flyinfox_SATX said...

That is an awesome looking toy! I remember having one of those way back when. Pay attention to how the wife handled the gun though...if she is a good shot I would start sleeping with one eye open.


Bob said...

Ms SD: It's never too late to ask - go for it!

Fox: Hahaha! How right you are, bud!

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