Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sound In My Head

There's a sound in my ears or in my head.  It's been there so long that I cannot ever remember being without it.  Tinnitus.  Caused by one too many loud noises.  I'm thinking I got my noisy head while serving in the military.  Gun shots.  Jet aircraft engines.  That's what did it.

There's never any peace and quiet in my head.  Never.  The sound never goes away.  Sometimes it nearly drives me nuts.  Most of the time I ignore it.  There isn't a cure for tinnitus other than to mask the sounds with white noise or music. 

I found the YouTube video that's posted here with the sound that's close to what's always ringing in my head.  Mine makes quite a bit more noise than what you'll hear.

It is what it is.  I can live with it.


1 comment:

weeder said...

Holy shit, that would be annoying.

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