Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Do You Rate?

Or do you care? 

This looks like something out of the mid 20th century.  Something similar penned today would be hella lot different.  For the men . . . . Like:

**Spends too much time at computer.  Has blog. . . writes way too many personal family stories.

**Brings home STD's & complaining he got them off a toilet seat.

**Watches porno in the backseat of mini-van with kids and wife up front.

**Fantasizes about sleeping with Oprah.

**Inserts medicinal marijuana into spaghetti sauce prepared for Sunday family dinners.

**Could care less about leaving toilet seat in the up position.

**Farts in his sleep and during visits with his in-laws.

**Wears shorts, a baseball cap and a tank top for date night meal at a high brow eatery.

You get the picture.  Add some of your own.  It's a new day.  Be part of it.

1 comment:

La Roo said...

If only we could keep them in line like this in todays world Bob(Hubby).

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