Friday, March 04, 2011

Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean

Here's a video worth watching.  It's funny.  Cute.  Romantic.  And contains a lesson for everyone.

The location is at a beach that Wifey and I have spent a lot of time walking, picnicing, camping and just plain old relaxing.  But it's also a beach that's dangerous.  Rogue waves can sneak up and catch you by surprise. . ..and drag you out to sea. 

As youngsters the Cardinal Rule of the Ocean was drummed into our heads.  Never turn your back on the ocean . . . watch for big waves.  Run like hell when you see them coming.

The video here shows the "why" of the Cardinal Rule.  You'll see what even a small wave can do to a couple whose backs are to the surf.

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La Roo said...

What a sweet video. I must be in a sappy mood cause this brought tears to my eyes.
Awww, what else could they do but laugh?

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