Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Fine Kettle Of Fish

They said it was going to happen.  Here it is yesterday in big letters on the billboard at the least expensive station in Cowtown. . . .Diesel at just under 4 bucks a gallon.  The prediction is that gas will hit 4 bucks, too.  That means diesel, if this ratio between that and gasoline remains the same, will be going for $4.40 a gallon.

I'd hate to be in the trucking business.  They run on diesel.  The railroads run on diesel.  Higher costs for fuel mean higher food prices and for durable goods. . .. and everything else transported into your town and mine.  Increased fuel costs will soon be affecting what's in your wallet.

What's the answer to an energy issue that is not going to go away?  Grin and bare it?  Purchase an electric car?  Sell the car, walk or ride a bike? 

Local, state and Federal government can't even figure out how to make ends meet.  Actually, they can't make a decision on most anything for fear of a political backlash.  How can we expect our legislators to figure out how to resolve energy issues?  Frankly, we've lost the ability to govern ourselves.  We need a king or a queen to tell us how it is.

What a fine kettle of fish we're in.

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