Friday, March 18, 2011

Chicks Fighting

Here's a video of two "ladies" arguing and getting physical over a bowl of spaghetti.  The real world application would be this:  Picture yourself on an aircraft seated next to someone eating spaghetti or anything else.  It stinks.  What do you do?  And don't think that this couldn't happen to you.  Airlines have stopped serving food and now everyone brings something of their own liking onboard to eat however terrible that might be.

Yet one more reason not to fly commercial:


weeder said...

Much of the audio is too muddled to make out. But things really escalate when that white woman says "What kind of ANIMAL just eats all their food like that?". I'm not a regular rider of the NYC subway system, but I think that keep your head down and your mouth shut is a good plan. And don't try to take on two tough girls from the hood on your own. That's how people got shot or knifed.

Bob said...

Reminds me of how me and the EX wife would battle it out. I don't miss that!

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