Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Not Funny

Charlie Sheen was funny.  Used to be funny.  Pulled all kinds of stuff.  Crazy shit.  Irreverent.  My kind of guy.  At least back then.

Charlie started to do drugs and get stupid.  The drugs Charlie was/is taking don't make you smart or funny. . . they make you nuts. 

Charlie's getting older.  He's like in his mid forties now.  No longer a kid but still doing stuff a kid half his age would do.  Like rip up hotel rooms.  Spend big bucks on just not one hooker at a time but two or three.  Then Charlie started beating on his wife.  Put a knife to her throat. 

Then I read this week that Charlie bought three, maybe four big time luxury cars for his porno star girl friends.  $860,000 worth of cars. 

About the only thing Charlie Sheen has done in the past few years is have twin boys who he named Bob and Jack.  Damn.  Does it get any more American than that when it comes to naming off-spring males?

Need I rant more about Charlie's latest antics?  I don't want to waste my time here.  Read the paper. Watch the news or talk shows.  Pick up a tabloid at the supermarket.  Too much information and more than you want to go.

Bottom line is that too many drugs will fry your brain and make you act/look/think/be stupid.  Any doubts in your mind about the accuracy of that statement can be resolved by watching Charlie most recent rants on network TV.  The guy is not working with a full deck.

Charlie will blow all his dough, be broke and cry the blues.  Mark my words.

And then where will he be?


weeder said...

His life and career are a train wreck. He is out of control. The press loves to chronicle the downward spiral of stars. They're feeding his megalomania and making it worse by giving him a stage to act this out. And we as the public cannot get enough of it and gobble it up. We're all to blame. Perhaps we need to turn the TV off and refuse to buy the magazines.

Bob said...

Weeder: I'm thinking of shooting my TV and that will be the end of that!

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