Thursday, March 10, 2011

She Goes Where We Go

Our "Goddess" goes where we go.  Weighing well over 200 pounds our Goddess has been lugged here, there and everywhere. 

We found her long ago in the garden of a home that we had purchased on the California coast.  She's been with us ever since.  There was no leaving the godess behind.

No clue as to who, what, when, why or when. . . .The previous owners of the home said that the goddess was in the garden when they bought the home. 

I like to think that the goddess brings good luck to the family and to those who rub her tummy. 

The carved rock will most likely always be around.  Where will she be in 100, 200 or more years?  Now there's a story for someone to put into words and maybe even a motion picture.


La Roo said...

ooooooh I love her!
What a special thing to have .

evalinn said...

I´m amazed you´ve brought her around, a well travelled lady! ;-)

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