Thursday, September 02, 2010

Red Faced Bob

Yesterday morning it was an early drive to the lake.  It was me on Sparkle Plenty at 7 a.m. to open her up, remove the sail,wheel, winch, motor, and cabin covers, warm up the outboard, ready the mooring lines for casting off, wash her down a bit, hoist the American flag, tighten the life lines, and connect the mainsail to its halyard.

Soon after friend Marc arrived.  He climbed aboard.  We cast off, hoisted the sails and with a wind of around 10-15 miles Sparkle Plenty began to do her stuff. 

It was just not a day for sailing but one for talking, eating, drinking and sunshine.

Five hours later the wind calmed.    I pulled the sails down and motored back to the marina.  Marc jumped off the boat, smiling and mumbling as he made his way down the dock, "I should have slathered a little sunscreen on my face."  Ha, I thought.  Ain't no thang.

It takes a while to close the boat up.  It was hot.  94 degrees.  30 minutes later I too walked the dock back up to the truck.  After starting the pickup and turning the a/c on high, I glanced in the rearview mirror and mumbled, "I should have slathered a little sunscreen on my face."  Arms and legs looked mighty tan.  But the nose, cheeks, chin and neck didn't fare was well for they were red all over. 

After all of those years on the water you'd think I'd be wiser and apply a little protection before sailing.    Never entered my mind. 

Case of old dog no new tricks?  Nawww.  Certainly a case of stupid is as stupid does.

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