Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Day At The Office

Yeah, yeah.  Life is tough.  Here I am at the office hard at work.  Looking for wind here.  Looking for wind there.

As it was on this day last week there was a slight north westerly wind.  As you can see the mainsail is back winded and pushing Sparkle Plenty south east.   From one end of the lake to the other in less than 30 minutes.

A day at the office is can be tiring.  Sandwiches to down, chicken wings to bite into, drinks to chug.  No beer on the water, though.  Not good, not good, not good.  Back in the day beer anywhere was good, good, good.  No more.  Save the beer for the sitting at home in the Lazy Boy.  Yup.

I should hire a secretary for my office.  Take a letter, I'd say.  No, hold that, I would add.  Bring up some chicken wings.  Please.  I might have to say to my secretary, "I think it would be a good idea if you put your bikini top on before we enter the marina.  Don't want to freak Marina Bob out with those 36DDD's of yours."

While at the office I'd probably get a call from Wifey wondering how the secretary is working out.  That conversation could get a little dicey so I'd have to really think about what to say before I say.

Me:  Hi Wifey.  Everything is fine.  Yes, the new secretary is working out fine but the boat seems to be a little top heavy with her on board.  Can't figure out why.  I'll probably have to massage this matter for a while to find out why we're top heavy."

Yeah, I need a secretary. There's just too much office work on Sparkle Plenty for one person to manage.

I could get used to sailing a top heavy Sparkle Plenty in  a heart beat. I could, I could, I could.

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La Roo said...

Life looks like it's taking a toll on you. It's tough looking for wind. I think having a secretary like that would be helpful. Your would be safer because she comes with floatation devices, so you woud never worrying about the boat sinking.
I would apply but I only have one D.

Mike said...

What would Wifey think of your secretary? My wife has not met my new secretary. I don't think she'd approve of her, as she is quite attractive. I swear I didn't choose her, someone else was responsible. Can't lay my hands upon the hired help though. But I can ogle her as she sashays her cute bum out of my office.

BTW, please keep the current colour scheme. Soem of the other ones lately were hard to read or were horribly ugly.

LaRoo, what a beautiful single D they are!!

Bob said...

Laroo: You only have one D? Does that mean you're missing a breast? Last time I looked there were one. . . and yes, there's two. As for the secretary's flotation devices, hell, this capt is not going down with the ship . . . he'll be a hanging onto those triple D's!

Mike: On the high seas the capt is boss and can make up his own rules. . . rule #1 - Wifey can't meet the DDDplus secretary. Rule 2 The capt can put his hands on anything....any guff, walk the plank!

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