Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work To Do
Busy day.  I've got work to do. 

Take the dogs for a haircut.

Tow the utility trailer home from storage.

Drive to the marina to prepare Sparkle Plenty for Wednesday pull out.

Check the tires of the boat trailer, fill with air as needed.

Rearrange the side yard shed to make room for sailing gear.

Rake leaves, clip shrubs.

Haul "white elephant" crap to the Lodge for their upcoming garage sale.

Shop and then drop.

Dinner tonight with friends at their house.  That has to be the bright spot in the day.

But before then I've got work to do...


La Roo said...

Are you like one of the seven dwarfs and whistle while you work?
Be carfeul doing this all in the heat, we don't want to be scraping Bob off the cement like a fried egg. :)

Bigger said...

I was more worried about a fried brain

Bob said...

Laroo: I try to smile while I work . . . you thought I should smile more and I'm working hard on it.

Bigger: Brain was fried long ago. There's no hope, Bigger.

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