Friday, September 03, 2010

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Two peas in a pod.  That would be Wifey and Gracie.  Together they're always on the move, always busy doing something and happy in whatever it is that they do.   A grandchild/grandmother relationship if often very special.  This relationship is strongly bonded and one that is extra extra special.

Grace spent the weekend with us several weeks ago.  Washing Wifey's car is how the two kicked off their Saturday.  The girls didn't want to ride around Cowtown in a dirty car. 

Gracie is holding a small brush designed to clean the inbetween places on car's alloy wheels.  She's pretty good at things like that.

Our girl has it all planned out that one day the BWM will be hers.  It's well cared for, has low miles and probably will still be shiny and perky in 8 years . . . and just ready for a new driver to take the reins. 

I wonder, will there still be any gasoline left for her to put in it?  Hmmmmm.......

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Another Suburban Mom said...

Gracie is very cute! Glad they had fun!

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