Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Monster

It's been taken from the deep. . . this monster of ours.  Three people three hours later, Sparkle Plenty was loaded onto the trailer and readied for a 10 minute drive home.  And there she sits.  A trailered SP parked at home makes a 6' high cedar fence look small.

Marina Bob and I made plans on how best to pull the monster out of the lake.  We're trying our best to make it look like we knew what the hell that we were doing.  In the meantime Wifey patiently waited in the truck and ready to back it down into the water.

Little did Wifey know but in order to set the boat on the trailer she had to surround the truck in water deep enough to submerge the rear wheels and part of the bed completely in water.  Once in position  water was lapping around all four doors of the truck.  Had Wifey opened any of the doors it would have been SPLISH SPASH!  SHE'S A TAKING A BATH!  time.  The interior of the truck would have definitely filled with water.

Judging by the photo Wifey snapped in the driver's seat it's easy to see that she's taken the truck deep into the water.  While she waited for "the boys" to figure out what they hell they were going to do Wifey snapped artsy photos like this.  Like my legs?

It took some doing to secure the boat onto the was just not deep enough. .. the grade of the ramp as just not enough to get the job done.    We could not take the truck any deeper without flooding the interior and causing damage to the engine.  So, it had to be muscled, all 5 thousand pounds of her, onto the trailer.  Not an easy task.

While I look high and dry in this photo it took a quick swim to the rear of the trailer to get to the winch. 

I quickly found that even in 6' of water the damn thing still didn't float onto the trailer. . .  it was all about the length keel of the boat and not enough water under it.

Sparkle Plenty will sit alongside the house until March/April.  There will be lots of repairs, polishing and upgrading from now until then.  We'll raise the mast as some point and just in time for Christmas.  The mast, top to bottom side to side will be covered with multi-colored lights to celebrate the season. 

Come time to put her back into the lake we'll do a few things differently to make the job a lot easier.  I like to work smart and not like yesterday's stupid.

But as Marina Bob said, we got the job done in three hours, no one was killed, no one was hurt, and we didn't have to duke it out.  That my friends, is the world according to Marina Bob.   


evalinn said...

I´m glad you got it done anyway. We learn as long as we live.

La Roo said...

That was a lot of hard work. Your baby is safe and sound. And better yet you are. :)
I do love the artsy picture of you legs. It's so cool!
Good job wifey with the composition!
Going to check on SP on winter will be one less job you have to do this winter. Will you see Marina Bob as much?

Bob said...

Evalinn: Damn right.

Laroo: I'll drive to the marina a couple times a month to touch bases with Marina Bob. No doubt we'll talk on the phone, too. Bobs do stick together.

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