Tuesday, September 21, 2010


La Roo said...

Have any of them come true?

Bigger said...

Sometimes when I poo I pray my ass will quit burning.

Damn Mexican food

Mike said...

What I love about Bob's blog is that he really opens up and tells us all of his deepest darkest secrets.

Even the ones we wish he'd kept to himself.

The day he posts pictures of himself wearing Wifey's bra and panties while watching Backstreet Boys videos is the day I delete him from my browser bookmarks.

Bob said...

Laroo: Yes, at least one. Wanna guess what that was?

Bigger: Hahahaha. How true.

Mike: Spot on brother. You know me well.

annalise said...

damn, i missed the bra and panties bit? always late to the party

Bob said...

Analise...but you could join the next party. . . game on?

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