Thursday, September 23, 2010

Next Year

Gotta do it.   Sparkle Plenty is being taken out of the water Wednesday.  The mechanism to tilt the motor up and down needs repair.  There's no way to sail without having access to power when needed. I could make do without it but it's just not safe.

Wifey, Marina Bob and I will pull her out and tow SP to the house where she'll spend the winter in our gated RV parking space.  We'll make repairs (there are more than a couple), shine her up and launch her for another season come March/April. 

Having the boat at home will also remove the need to travel to the marina several time a week to make certain all is secure.  Winter storms often loosen or break mooring lines and there's always the possibility of water seeping into the cabin.  Both scenarios did occur during several severe storms this last winter.

Look!  Look!   Wasn't that a sea monkey jumping out of the water!   Marc is looking at Wifey who's taking this photo and thinking, "There's Bob spouting his bull shit again just to impress my girl friend."

Ya think?


Mike said...

Marc's girlfriend (Trudi?) looks like a real hottie. Too bad it wasn't warmer, so we could have seen pictures of Trudi and Wifey lounging around in their bikinis.

La Roo said...

You all look very intent on something in that last pic. I'm not thinking it's a sea monkey. Maybe the Loch Ness?? Or a trouser lake snake??

Bob said...

Mike: Great idea only Trudi does not cavort . . . she's one of those people who avoid any contact with the sun. Really. Wifey on the other hand would be game but only if I didn't post the photos here. . . .

Laroo: No, my fly was open and I got them to look the other way while I zipped up. It's a Senior thing, don't you know?

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