Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They're Here!

The film, Poltergeist, contained a phrase that's been used and nearly worn out: THEY'RE HEEERRRE!

For years Cowtown has prided itself in being gang free:  No thugs, no problems associated with them.  Things have changed.  Word on the street is that organized crime (gangs, Mexican mafia, prison gangs, other pieces of shit) have chosen our area as a ripe plum right for the picking.  Cowtown has been declared as open territory. 

It's the perfect place that no one group of organized thugs have claimed as theirs.    Our area has lots of open spaces and forests for marijuana plantations and meth labs.  Places to conceal whatever it is you want to hide are abundant.  Interstate 5 runs through it making for easy transporatation of legal and illegal goods.  There's not enough law enforcement to cover all of the bases.  All of the ingredients for illegal crime.

Over the past year the incidence of gangs attempting to gain a foothold here has risen.  There have been several shootings ending in deaths.  Drug related crimes are becoming common.  Our county is fast becoming the Marijuana farming capital of California. 

There's been a some tagging and graffitti by gangs attempting to claim one portion or another of Cowtown.  Just until lately it has been small in amounts and until now no big deal. 

Yesterday I'm at the marina and happen to notice Tiny's white Chevy truck parked next to mine.  Tiny is a fellow slip owner who owns a patio boat.  Seeing that Tiny had parked his truck and taken his boat out onto the lake wasn't an unusual thing.  His brother is confined to a wheelchair and Tiny regularly drives him to the lake for fishing. 

AS I walked by the hood of Tiny's truck happened to catch my eye:  WHOA!  Major tagging!!

First thought crossing my mind:  They're here!!!  meaning the presence of at least one gang that had marked their turf via the hood of Tiny's truck.  Bastards.  This incidence underscores the importance of safely parking anything on four wheels in the garage.  

It's a sad commentary on society when thugs muscle into the everyday life of a small community.  Next time you snort that line, put the needle in your arm, pop that unprescribed medication, smoke that weed or crack . . . you're the real source of this problem and not the gangs.  If American would cease its addiction to all of these things we'd rid outselves of the leeches who are permeating our country. 

Think about it.


La Roo said...

It is everywhere. It's a shame. No respect for others or themselves. What does one get out of if such short comings? I don't know. Were they not loved enough? Where is their concious? I know it's all around and I'm sorry Cowtown is now being slithered upon. We are pretty used to stuff like this and it just becomes a sort of common place. Sad, I know. There's really no controlling it.
I've got to know.........Is Tiny .....tiny?

Bigger said...

It is terriable and all accros America. They tagged the back of my buddies building. it is a strip mall and they got the side that you can see from the road. The bad part is the town and the owner of the building did not want to paint over it concerened that it would cause more damage to the building. So they just let the gang have that area. I thought is was BS but who am I. Just an american

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