Monday, August 16, 2010

In This Economy?

Farmers Insurance owns this blimp.  It's been flying around our neck of the woods for the past few days.

Apart from selling insurance Farmers is selling rides on this beast:  $400 a person for an hour high in the sky.  Now tell me, who in their right mind has the money to joy ride in a balloon filled with gas?  And in this economy when the future is so uncertain?

The same $400 could be put to a charitable use.  For example you could probably feed a starving family in Africa for 6 months . . . maybe a year for that amount of money.

Better yet, I'll bet that same 400 bucks could do two things:

#1  Visit  the Cowtown airport.  Buy a hell of a lot of Farmers insurance.   At least $400 worth.

#2  Get a free ride in the Farmers blimp.

Ya think? 
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La Roo said...

You would not get me in one of those things if you paid me $400. :)

Bob said...

What?! No mile high club in da blimp?

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