Friday, August 06, 2010

4 Years - 1,406 Posts Later

What About Bob? hatched  on August 7th, 2006.  1,406 posts later equals a lot of information about yours truly.    Honestly?  I didn't think neither I nor the blog would last this long.  Here's to the next four years and at least another 1,400 posts.

The first post to the blog was short and sweet.  Here it is.

On The Beach - Brookings Oregon

This is what I do best (well, there are other things, too!) and something I enjoy. There's nothing like walking the beach on a warm day with two of my very best friends, Zoe and Jilli.


Bigger said...


La Roo said...

Yay! for you and your blog! That's awesome Bob.
I think blogs can be a good thing in many different ways. My favorite is having you as a friend. :)
That was a great picture of you and your friends. It makes me smile.

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