Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shifting From Second Into Third

The school year began last week.  Grace was so excited to get back to school that she could hardly contain herself.

Third grade marks that last year of the primary grading system. Beginning in fourth grade student progress on a report card progress is measured in letter grades A through F.  In fourth grade the reality of life starts to bite.  Yeah, life often bites, too.

While she's a very smart young lady, Grace has a tough row to hoe in school.  She's the youngest in her class.  Born in November Grace barely met the age requirement to enter kindergarten.  It was one of those things:  Not a good thing to do another year in preschool and questionable developmentally if she was ready for kindergarten.

There's a bill in the California Legislature to change the be five before December 2nd to enter kindergarten to be five before September 1st.  It's a good thing for kids.  Being developmentally older translates into school success and fewer children at risk.  Maybe it's not a good thing for those parents with children born between September 1 and December 2....it adds up to another year of preschool.  Either way changing the age for entrance into kindergarten is a good thing.  School is about kids and their success.  Changing the age requirement will certainly add to it.

Back to Grace.  She was assigned the teacher that she had been hoping for.  Mrs. Heller seemed to be just right for Grace or at least in her mind.    A few but not all all of her friends are in her class. A week after the first day of school Grace remains all smiles.  I would hope so.

Come June and the end of third grade let's see if our girl is still smiling.  My money says that she will.

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