Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lunch with the Ladies

Last week it was Wifey's turn to prepare lunch for her women's club.  Every Tuesday at the Lodge all the ladies turn out, pay their 7 bucks and eat whatever was prepared by one of their members.  Whatever profit was brought in goes to one of the group's charities.  One charity that's near to my heart is the group's preparation of boxes of goodies and essentials that are sent to our troops in the Middle East.

Green salad, carrot salad, egg salad sandwiches, cake and a beverage ...all for 7 bucks.  Wifey had help.  Gracie (shown here at a luncheon table with Wifey), daughter Dawn, two friends and other members of the ladies group helped in preparing and serving the meal.  The luncheon was a success as it was sold out, the food all eaten and a handy profit made.

At each luncheon raffle tickets are sold and items raffled off.  It's a big thing for the ladies.  They buy their tickets and then coo in delight when someone wins a special trinket.  I'm thinking their raffle is a grand way to get rid of some of this crap we have around the house.  They'll be happy and I'll be just as happy to get rid of some crap and receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.  Win/win.

Wifey has to report for jury duty this morning.  Come noon that leaves just Grace and I to have lunch with the ladies at the Lodge.  We're meeting a few friends.  There will be stories, laughing, food (of course), raffle winners and most likely more than a couple of Bloody Mary's.  I'll be just one of the ladies.  Cackle, cackle, cackle.........

School begins in a couple of weeks.  Soon Grace will be hard at learning third grade things and eating lunch in the school cafeteria.  And just as soon the ladies luncheons at the Lodge will come to an end until next year.

With the start of school it also marks the end of summer.   I can't believe that September is around the corner.  We'll be pulling Sparkle Plenty out of the water for winter maintenance, repairs and spit polish.  Firewood has to be bought and stacked.  Gutters cleaned.

A life's chapter is closing, another just beginning.

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La Roo said...

Sounds like a heck of a great lady, your wifey. I like the idea of sending goodie boxes to the troops. I'm sure that brings a little happiness to their day when they receive one.
Bloody Marys and Bob with a bunch of ladies, I'm sure equals trouble. :)
This summer seems like it has gone so fast. Damn. I'm not ready for fall/winter. Put the brakes on. I've got stuff to do. Yeah,.... stuff. ;)

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