Saturday, August 14, 2010

All Chick Luncheon

Friday is was an all chick Mexican luncheon for members of the Elks Lodge Chicks Only club.  All chicks.  But there's one man member.  Go figure.  Grace sat with friend Katherine.  She's just had to dress especially for the occasion.  She fit right in with all of the gray headed ladies.

 Wifey sat and talked with everybody.  She likes people.  I hate people.  Opposites attract.

Judging by Wifey's photo don't you think she needs a tattoo on her arm.  Something that reads in big red letters right down her arm like, "Bob Has A Big Dick".  That has a ring to it, ya think?  I'm sure she would rather have something else tattooed like, "Bob Needs Viagra."  Ha.  In her dreams.

Dawn ate with friend Robin.  Dawn has taken time off from work for lunch but still manages to suck down at least on Mexican slushy drink before heading back .  There's a chip off the old block for ya.

Dawn is having a chicken Mexican salad.  For me, chicken does not go on salad.  If you want salad eat salad.  If you want chicken it does not go on anything green.  On potatoes, rice, bread, name it but anything but on salad.  Chicken on salad almost seems sacrilegious.  After picking up the 10 Commandments I don't think Moses would have been in the mood to eat a salad with chicken on it, do you?

And this lady.......the club chicks helped her to celebrate her 91st birthday with good cheer, food and gifts.  We should all be so lucky to have lived 91 years and look so very grand, so well preserved.

Are beer and chicken wings considered to be preservatives?

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Bigger said...

If beer and chicken wings are preservatives they will dig up a Bigger in the future that is well in tact and preserved.

There has to be some sort of pride going to an all lady lunch.

Bob said...

I plan on being mummified and holding a beer in one hand and wings in the other.

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