Sunday, August 08, 2010

Man Cave!
Sparkle Plenty will soon be taken out of the lake for the winter.  She'll "winter" alongside the house in the provided 45' long paved RV space.  

The question for last couple of months has been what to do with the 30' fifth wheel trailer that's already parked alongside the hous?  Can't park it in the driveway:  Vandalism seems to be on the rise in the neighborhood.  The trailer would make for an easy target.  And the neighborhood CCR's prohibit that kind of stuff.  

The trailer has a height between 13 - 14 feet.  The sailboat and its trailer has the same height.  It made no difference which went where, both rigs are about as tall as the law (and overpasses) allow.  They're as tall as they get.  Therein lies the rub.

The plan is for the trailer to spend the first part of the winter in an enclosed shed.  The sailboat will take its place once repairs and modifications are made to it.  The boat will be waxed and shined, all ready for the upcoming sailing season.  Indoor storage will save all of that work.  

Yeah, yeah, could have covered and stored one outside somewhere but there's no guarantee that there would be no break-ins or vandalism.  It does happen in these places.  Penny wise and pound foolish?  If the boat or the trailer were damaged that's exactly would it would be.

It's easy to find any storage shed with a 12' foot roll-up door.  They're not expensive compared to a shed with a 14' door.  Like half the price or more. 

After shopping and shopping I found this one.  The truck is parked in front of it.   14' high doors, 14' wide entrance.  45' long.  Room for either one with extra for a MAN CAVE!  Not that I need one because I don't.  Actually, I don't want one either. 

The sailboat trailer goes into the shop this week for new carpet.  The fifth wheel moves into the blue storage shed.  The sailboat comes home from the lake in September.

This is what happens when you have too many toys.  At this point I'm wondering if it is all worth the time, the trouble and the money.  

How much is enough when it comes to recreation?  How much?

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La Roo said...

A boy and his toys. It seems like an awful lot of work, but you enjoy them and that's what counts. Bob will know when to downsize, but right now you sail the beautiful lake and RV to serene places. Bob worked hard to do so.
Glad you found storage.

Bigger said...

Toys one is not enough and 2 is too many.

Glad you fould some where to store them.

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