Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday the temperature hit 107 degrees in Cowtown.  That broke the record set in 1996 of 106 degrees. 

When it gets that hot nature's creatures seek respit in cooler places.  Small finches are using the fountain in the front yard both for drinking and bathing.  Snakes look for a cool place to curl up. 

Take these two small snakes, babies no doubt, that were on their way into the garage when one of us put the down down on top of both of them.  A day or more later they were found, all shriveled up, mouths open with a crease on their backside marking where the door had come down on both of them.

People out this way are always mindful of snakes and their pets.  It's not unusual for a four legged house pet to be bitten on the face by a rattlesnake.  Depending on the size of the pet and the quality of the veterinary treatment following the bite they usually survive.  Small dogs and cats are usually not as lucky. 

It really wasn't a surprise to find the remains of these little creatures at the entrance of the garage.   It's been hot and logical they were looking for somewhere to cool off.  Unfortunately, they got more than they bargained for. 

Today promises to be another Cowtown hot one with 107 or higher in the forecast.  This snake is looking for a cool place in the reclining in the Lazy Boy, a cold beer in one hand, a bucket of wings between my legs, and the remote control in the other hand.  Kicking back when it gets hot is the order of the day.   It's all good unless the garage door happens to come down on my head.


La Roo said...

Best way for snakes to be....crispy. :)

annalise said...

poor snakes :( u guys have coyotes out there too right? that kill pets, scary.

Bigger said...

2 for one special you should play the lottery. What are the chances of you getting 2 pinned under the door again.

La Roo said...

eh hem.

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