Friday, March 12, 2010

When the Thrill is Gone

You noticed the announcement on entering What About Bob? today.  I activated the adult content intro to this blog all due to this post and the ever present the Blogger Police. If this notice wasn't activated it's likely they would tag this blog and lock it up.

This post could come under more than a couple of headings:

How much is enough? 

Makes a Mother Proud?

What happens when the thrill is gone?

I can't imagine anyone defacing their body in such a way.  A tattoo or two is one thing.  Covering your body completely in tattoos is yet another.  Regardless of what generation you're in, what's shown here has to be over the top.  Guys?  A real jewel to take home to mother.  Ya think?

Yeah, yeah, it's her body.  But ya just have to think that later in life, when the thrill is gone and all of her pals have grown up, gotten real jobs, real families and live real lives, that she would be left without pals and deeply regret having defaced her body.  That said, this woman has created her own handicap that will to some degree limit what she's able to do in this life. 

It would be tough going to the beach.  Can you imagine this woman attending a swim party put on by her employer?  It would be interesting to listen to the behind her back comments made by her physician or by the operating room crew should she ever go under for a procedure.

It's likely that this woman doesn't really care who thinks what or who says what.  That's today.  How about tomorrow?

Individuality creates an interesting world to live in.  Here's an excellent example of that statement.

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La Roo said...

Welcome to the dark seedy world of adultville.
This fine young lady is probably in this adultville right along with you now. Do you need a shower? Do you dirty? :)
People don't think they will ever get old or something will happen or the effects on others. That's her choice I guess. Sad, huh?

La Roo said...

Do you feel dirty? (is what I meant to say) :)

Schmikey said...

These people do not think about tomorrow, they just live for the moment, thinking about today (and wondering who they'll be giving a blowjob to next). At least this girl does not have any tattoos on her face, forearms or hands, so it would be possible for her to cover up and get through a job interview. I know of a few tattoo artists who will not ink above the neck, as they believe the client will live to regret it, and they'd rather not be the one to do the artwork.

Bob said...

Laroo: Yup, their choice. It's a free choice America. Think of the punishment if this person was caught with these tatts in a Middle Eastern country. I'm thinking they'd be worth about a thousand lashes or more.

Schmikey: Sure, could be worse. I admire those artists who literally draw the line at the neck. Now that's integrity.

SapphireQueen said...

It's highly unlikely that this prize pig will age gracefully. Or that she'll ever get a job higher than "you want fries with that". I would be willing to be that drugs and booze play heavy in her life, and we won't even go into the VD stew brewing in them there parts. If anything, she's a pole polisher in some skeevy strip club. Good grief.

I would say that her parents must be SO proud, but you know, acorns don't fall far from the trees, and odds are that they are just as trashy as she is.

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