Monday, March 29, 2010

Still A Rebel of Sorts

I hate to even write this but Dennis Hopper is dying.  Prostate cancer is bring this old rebel down.  Who would have thought it would take an up the butt issue to kill a big screen bad ass like Dennis.
Last week Dennis was awarded the a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  He's made so many movies you would have thought Dennis would have gotten his star long ago.  Why did they wait until he was on his last legs?  Geeze!

Here's Hopper and Jack Nicholson.  You know the movie that brought both to everyone's attention.  Easy Rider.  Jack is looking very porked out and happy. 

One of Hopper's first films was Rebel Without a Cause.  Then came Giant, another film everyone seemed to like, too.  Remember Blue Velvet?  Who can forget Dennis running around with a nitrous mask on his face, sucking gas and screaming, "Momaaaa, momaaaaaa!   Baby wants to fuck!!  Moma!  Momaaaa!"

Now you want to see it again, don't you.....Ten times was more than plenty for me.

Right after Blue Velvet came out my friends and I would, after getting better than half a heat on, look at each other, put one hand over the nose and mouth as if we had a gas mask on, and start chanting, Momaaaa, momaaaa!  People thought we were nuts.  And we were.

Dennis is still somewhat of a rebel even in this advanced state.  He's in the middle of divorcing his wife.  Hopper says she's sucking up all of his money and wants to leave most to his kids with nothing to the wife hence the divorce.  Staying alive until the April court date may be problematic.   If anyone can do it old Dennis Hopper can.

It's tough to keep an old rebel down.

I was just thinking.  Wonder if Dennis did the Mommaaaa! deal in the hospital.  He really should.

I'm gonna miss the guy.

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