Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Thousand Three Hundred!

Yup.  One thousand three hundred blog posts since the humble beginnings of What About Bob back in 2006.  When most blogs written in that year have bitten the dust old Bob keeps on trucking.  Slow but sure he grinds out "stuff" when the mood suits him.  I'm a bit proud that this thing is like the Ever Ready Bunny. . . it keeps going and going and going . . . . .

Something that was apparent in the early days of this blog was a sprinking of strange, weird, off the wall thoughts.  That crossed my mind yesterday as I recognized this blog was hitting 1,300 posts.  Something has been missing here.  I've got to get my weird back on.  That's all there is to it.

Frankly, I haven't had many off the wall thoughts lately.   Usually they constantly run through my mind.  They began in early childhood and lasted a lifetime.  Bob's sense of humor could be funny, could be off the wall, could at times be strange and once in a while perverted.  Mom and Dad more than once said I needed psychiatric help. 

Those comments never bothered me.   Consider the source, I thought.   I figured these two were confusing comic relief and leadership abilities with mental illness.  And what the hell did they know anyway?  The retort to the suggestion that I needed "help" came in the form of, "Sure, I'll do just that when you two get marriage counseling to straighten up your screwed up relationship and when dad goes into anger management rehab, stops wailing on me with his belt, fists, hangers, and whatever else he could get his hand on, then quits smoking and drinking.  Not until then."  Ah, those were the days.

Perhaps what made Bob behave in a Bob kind of way through out the years was all due to immaturity.  Mom would always yell, "Grow up, Bob!  Grow up!"  Is that why I've seemed to have lost my weird . .. have I finally grown up? 

Say it isn't so......


La Roo said...

Actually Bob, the best thing to do is wallow in weird. Why be "normal" like the rest. That's boring!! l take pride in it, you should too!

Congratulations on hanging in there so long with the blog and thanks for your encouragement towards me to do the same.

As for," getting your weird back on".......
The lighter side of life is what you need to look at and your creativity will follow.

We are all a product of our upbringing and we a lot of times react with survival skills. They acted in their ways o because they were not given the skills and they did what they knew how to survive. It just didn't have the humor that your skills did. If only people could take a good look at themselves and realize the impact they have on others lives, this world would be a sweeter place.

Bob didn't grow up, he grew wiser.
Wiser can still have fun.!!!

Bob said...

Well said, Laroo. I may have grown wiser but I'm still the same old smart ass. :)

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