Monday, March 01, 2010

Plain Old Tuckered Out

The little one runs around until she crashes.   Last night Wifey commandeered Papa's easy chair to sit with the dog and watch the latest installment of HBO's Big Love.  Wifey sat down and within seconds peewee was lights out.  Not even the bright light from the camera flash got her attention.

Have you ever watched Big Love?  It's about a guy, a Moron dude, who takes on three wives.  They all live in separate houses with connecting backyards.  Big dad takes turns spending nights with each wife.  Gads.   Living in harmony with one wife is hard enough but three?!  Is this guy ever stupid or what. 

I don't know why we take our time to watch Big Love.  It certainly isn't the lure of a plural marriage.  Maybe it's the interesting story line that brings us back each Sunday. 

Anyway, peewee wasn't buying any of it as shown here with her happily snoozing through the whole episode. 


La Roo said...

We don't have HBO, but I think I would probably get sucked into it also. I've heard about this show. It's like a train wreck, you gotta watch.I got suck into Celebrity Rehab this last month. Am I proud of that? No. Do I watch, uh yeah. I got my vices. But Yeah, I would'nt want 3 wives. I can't stand myself most of the time. :)
Wifey and Cindy Loo? look very cozy.

Bob said...

They were cozy in MY chair! It's not often that I give that up along with the remote. I mean, what's a guy going to do without his chair...a beer in one hand, the remote in the other?

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