Thursday, March 04, 2010

Driving North in the South Bound Lane

Life for some can be like driving north but in the south bound lane.  You're bound to have a lot of near misses if not a head on collision.  You know the rules:  Going with the flow would be easier.  It's hard to swim up stream but easy to go head in the opposite direction.   When life gets difficult check to make certain that you're in the right lane that's headed in the easy direction.  Easy does it applies here.

This blog is turning into a cooking school.  Cooking with Bob the Kook.  Yup.  Last night it was Cornish Game Hens stuffed with wild rice (already cooked) and golden raisins.  Grilled with the middle burner off at 400 degrees for about75 minutes. 

I learned someting new about Cornish Game Hens just this last week.  They were specifically bred to produce only white meat.  Never thought about there not being any dark meat on any of the hens that were eaten over the years.  Did you?

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La Roo said...

Love it....Kook with Bob. It is esay to share what you like to do. I'm all for it. I haven't eaten a cornish game hen for .....I can't rmemeber when. Besides the size what the difference? Chicken right? Leaner? Gamey?
I'm not sure why we don't we don't have them.

SapphireQueen said...

Cornish game hens aren't anything more than baby/young chickens. Since people would freak at buying dead baby chickens, the chicken killers decided to go with a more PC title, therefore Cornish Game Hens was created. They aren't wild game, just plain jane chickens. And they are not always hens in the package, they can also be roosters. Which is why there is no dark meat on the birds, they are killed to young to develop dark meat.

Bob said...

Laroo: Yes, they're much more leaner than regular chicken and they don't taste gamey in the least bit...tastes just like chicken only all white meat and no fat.

SQ: Thanks for the lesson but it contradicts what I read.

SapphireQueen said...

You need to get the info on a site that's NOT food related. I raised chickens for many years, love those fresh eggs!, and that's where I learned about CGH's. Remember, it's a simply a title to keep a PC chicken image.

Hugs to you and those adorable Poms!

DNA said...

Ok, I had to comment but not about your hens. What if you are minding your own business and going north in the north bound lane and someone is going south in your lane and hits you head on? This happened to me this week and I'm still in shock. What would Super Bob do?

Bob said...

DNA: Been there. Know what you're feeling. Just be prepared for the next time and there will be just that. You've got to have a come back that kills.

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