Monday, March 15, 2010

I've Noticed

Once in a while I cruise around other blogs to see what others write and what photos they post.  It's interesting to observe how much time and effort some put into writing their daily blog posts.  Some blogs are major works of literature.  Others share too much information in very graphic details on all levels regarding the writer's personal life.  Then there are the philosophical blog entries on this, that and other things that make for diverse reading.

In comparison What About Bob? has become really very plain.  Of late there are few if any inner reflections, not a lot of stories, nothing political in nature and definitely no mention of anything about Bob's sex life or photos about his sex life.... (Wifey says if I post ANY home photos of that kind it is grounds for Citizen's Divorce).

I've spent some time thinking about this blog and where's it's landed and why it is what it is.  The logical conclusion is that I'm just plain old content.  Status quo rocks!  Or so it seem.   Farmers say that contented cows produce contented, tasty milk.   Moooooooooooo!  Bob is mooing in his contentment.

What does that mean?  Well, what it means is that there's not a lot that I really give a shit about these days.  Easy does it is the rule of the day.   When you take on an attitude like that it doesn't mean you don't care, you just accept things for how they are.  It's a relaxed posture . . . a devil may care approach to living.

Accepting life and the world as it is today is easier that way, at least it seems to be for me.  There are no longer sleepless nights.  No debating until I'm blue in the face what's wrong with this world.   Definitely no shit fits over the state of America and all of its woes.  There's still fuel to light a fire in the belly.   But the pilot light is ready to ignite the burners should it be ever necessary.  Someone's home but nobody is answering the door. 

So, that's why Bob's blog is a bit plain and probably boring compared to others.  Like a comfortable old shoe that often squeaks, the blog is still be nice to walk around in. 

Take today's post.  It's was going to be all about a morning and early afternoon at the lake.  Slight breeze.  Sunshine.  Perfect day to make a few boat repairs, remove the black dirt streaks from Sparkle Plenty's sides and talk casually to Marina Bob and the fellow across from us who has a 23 foot Pearson sailboat. 

Marina Bob:  I see you're growing something on your chin - a beard and moustache, Bob.  Kind of a deely bobber.

Me:  Yup. 

Marina Bob:  So why did you decide to grow that?

Me:  I wanted to look like a dope dealer. 

I think Marina Bob is somewhat in awe of what I used to be in this life . . . the position I held, the education I have.  When something like this comes out of my mouth he has no clue what to think or what to say.  Little does Marina Bob know is that deep down I'm a dumb shit who wallows in being dumb when he can get away with it.

The water level is not nearly as low as it was several months ago all due to the rain that's fallen this past month.  Nonetheless, the walk down the ramp is a steep one as you can tell by the first photo.  It's pleasant to stand at the top of the ramp and look down onto the marina.  Sparkle Plenty is in the center of the photo facing this way , blue sailbag attached to the main sail, with the white furling jib all rolled up in front. 

There's nothing like being moored at the end of the marina surrounded by the sounds of nature.  Nothing like accepting life on these terms.   It's sooo very easy. 

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La Roo said...

Being comfortable is not bad. You've worked hard to get here, now learn to enjoy it. You are still you and comfortable doesn't have to be boring. Life is what you make of if it. Do something out of your box and meet some new people. That might shake things up a bit. Bob does like to shake up things, doesn't he?

evalinn said...

I like your blog just the way it is! :-)

Bob said...

Laroo: I'm a slow learner . . . like developmentally disabled when it comes to things like this. Bob has always shaken things up . . . today, that seems to be another story. It's those damn shoes, they're too comfortable!

Evalinn: Thanks. Maybe it's me that's bored with it.

La Roo said...

Bob, you will always shake things up. You're Bob. Tomorrow is another day and we'll see what that brings.

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