Saturday, October 31, 2009

Senior Citizen Perfect

Every drive behind one of our grey headed citizens and their turn signal indicates that they're turning right and then they swing a left?  This is not withstanding of those who unconsciously drive with their turn signal flashing when they have no intention of turning . . . that's a story for another time.

Yesterday I get a letter from Chrysler regarding my Dodge Ram 3500 truck.  It reads:  "We are extending the warranty period on your truck's turn signal multifunction because of a potential manufacturing process variation that may cause the turn sign, both interior and exterior, to flash in the opposite direction from that selected by the operator."

This is so awesome!  Bob's never going to get this malfunction repaired should it occur on his truck.  Think of it as an exercise for the brain.  The older you get the more it's beneficial to exercise the brain.  I'll need to think with every turn.  Now there's a new concept:  Think before you turn.  Really think reverse of what should be.  Turning right flip the signal level down.   Turning left flip the signal level up.  Everything in reverse. 

If I'm pulled over for not using turn signals I have the perfect excuse.  Pull out the recall letter.  Read the fine print, officer.  I'll get it fixed next week.  The perfect get out of a ticket card.

It's hard to believe that Chrysler had a manufacturing screw up like this.  Was it in engineering this signal system or in the manfacturing of it?  No one wants to fess up on who or why.

Anyway, it was worth a laugh . . . and a sign of misbelief that once again an American automobile manufacturer has screwed up once more.

Blech.  Today's Halloween.  One of my least favorite holidays of the year.  Bah Hum-boo!


Joker_SATX said...

Bob, this means you will be the go to driver for next year's NASCAR. You will be so experienced at turning left.....

Max said...

Dad, how can you possibly hate Halloween after I gave you such a fantastic costume? You were supposed to be a pirate! Or, you could have ditched the sword and opted for a "double dong" and been an Ass Pirate. Now that would've been cool.

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