Monday, October 12, 2009


There's a storm headed our way.  Rain.  Lots of it coming down starting around 2 or 3 Tuesday morning. Wind.  Gusts up to 55/60 mph with steady winds exceeding 35 mph.  We've buttoned the boat up, tied her down.  She should be okay to weather the storm although I'll drive to the lake to check her a couple of times over the next few days to make certain of that.

This will mark our first storm of the season.  The soil is parched.  The creeks are dry.  The lakes are below average.  It's time. 

Photo shoot went well yesterday.  I wish that I had taken pictures of our photographer taking pictures.  Afterward it was dinner out.  Italian.  Wifey had breast of chicken.  Bob had Laaa Sag Kneee.  The latter was terrible.  The owner, who we know well, visited our table and saw what I had ordered.  He said, "I never eat that.  It's terrible.  It's the previous owners recipe and I'm going to take it off the menu or modify it."   Me:  No kidding.

The owner/chef offered to replace my place of lasagne and prepare something else.  I declined having already lost my appetite.  Like any gracious host he took my meal off of the check.  Whata guy.  That's why we just love eating at his place.  He's such a stand up person. And everything except the lasagna is pretty damn tasty.

Off to put things away on the patio.  Better to pick them up now than to chase them down once the wind starts howling.

Monday, Monday............

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Joker_SATX said...

That's good to hear that there is someone out there that understands customer service and has integrity.

Baton down the hatches matey...because it looks like there are storms everywhere.

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