Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Neurotic pets?

Friday night marked the tenth anniversary of Rx Pets, the pet therapy group Wifey is a part of. She's been there from the beginning which made this celebration special.  Even more special Friday evening was the award of honorary member to Grace for her part in helping in the training of some of the dogs. Wifey was also honored for her ten years of service to the organization.

For those who don't know, pet therapy is not a program for neurotic pets but visitation to assisted care and hospital facilities by the animals.  Each pet and its owner in the program has to be trained in a certain manner and certified that they meet the criteria for visitations.  It's not an easy program to break into.  It just doesn't happen overnight.

Zooey and Zeenie are both certified as was our Jillie now deceased.  Zooey is aging and ailing and no longer perform visits.   It's best for her not to do that. 

Friday evening, as I well knew, was a night for talk, talk, talk about dogs.  I like dogs.  But I like talking about other things.

So here's Grace in the photo with her new Rx Pets polo shirt talking to our friend Lori.  Later in the evening Lori gave Grace one of her bracelets.  She's very fond of our girl.

Lori loves showing cleavage.  I should say something to her about that.  I really should.  It would go like this:

Me:  You're distracting me with your display of tits.  You're showing them off.  Why?

Lori would probably say, "Because I have them to show off, Bob!  And look at me and not my tits, will you!"  Well hell, it's the fashion so I might as well go with it.  I just have to learn when speaking to a cleavage display artist that I must  focus my eyes on the head and not on the breasts.

You see me in this picture. It pretty much displays my sentiment.   I'm tired.  Don't I looked tired?  My eyes are bloodshot.  Bob wants to talk anything but dogs but there's was no one interested in talking about anything else.  So Bob sits alone and enjoys not talking but instead thinks about going home to a nice warm bed. 

This would be the picture worth those thousand words.


La Roo said...

I think that pet therapy is such a good thing. I think that Gracie being involved is just wonderful and it probably gives her such a sense of pride. What a good Bob your are, just going to support.
Do you think the girls should be covered? Then what fun would the dog anniversary be? She was your only entertainment. :)

Joker_SATX said...

Good for Gracie! That is a very positive thing to do.

As far as you being tired Bob all I have to say is......

...wait a minute......

Bob! Is that a Corona Bottle by your hand? You aren't feeling that bad!

Tell Lori that the Joker thinks she's HAWT!

Bob said...

Laroo: Well hell, am I a red blooded American boy for what?! Keep the girls uncovered. I just wrote that for appearance sake. You know Bob.

Joker: Okay Pal, you got me. That was but one of more than a few Mexican beers. And I'll tell Lori that she's hot on your behalf. You'll die when you hear what she does for a living. E-mail me. :)

Rachel said...

What a cool group, I want to join.

Hey, I've got cleavage. Does that get me in?

Bob said...

Rachel: Well, hell yeah you're welcome, cleavage and all. I'll personally see that you become a member on the spot.

Rachel said...

Seriously, that would be an awesome volunteer experience.

I will need to see if they have a similar program here.


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