Sunday, October 04, 2009

Being prepared is just not for Boy Scouts

Saturday - another day lake sailing. Little did we know that behind Candace in this photo is a weather cell that packed 40mph winds and sleet. It looked just like a little rain was coming our way. When it hit us the wind took a sudden 90 degree change in direction spinning the boat around in the opposite direction. 

Cold, wet with sleet and wind blown we hauled the sails down and tried to motor back to the marina. The wind was so strong that it was a fight to point Sparkle Plenty in the right direction.

 Anything can happen when you sail.  The Boy Scout motto BE PREPARED definitely relates to sailing.


Joker_SATX said...

Bob, the weather has been crazy here in SA as well. I was up at 2:30 this morning with all of the thunder and lightning...

La Roo said...

Wheew, glad you guy are ok.

Bob said...

Lightning? Nuts! I was hoping for lightning on the lake Saturday. Bob needed an electrifying experience to add to his collection.

Laroo: When Bob's at the helm no sweat, kid.

Max said...

You're already motoring in the photo--perhaps you had a feeling ahead of time of what was in store for you?

Bob said...

We thought, given the lack of wind and there wasn't any, that the approaching clouds were going to yield light rain. The motor was being used to take us around the point and close to the second marina where we hoped there was more wind. I almost elected to raise the jib as it seemed almost a waste of time to raise the main (more of a process as you well know). I should have done just that and saved pulling all of the sail slugs out of the mast channel (actually, half stayed in the mast the remaining half snapped and remained on the mainsail). Stainless steel slugs should arrive today and eliminate this from happening again.

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