Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Girl Gots to Do What A Girl Gots to Do

It's raining.  The wind is beginning to blow.  Fall has finally come to Cowtown.  Wifey and I were up at 4:30 just to check it out.  It's been since March or April that we've had a storm this size and it feels good.

Checked on the boat last night just before dark.  Furled up the American flag that hung from a pole on the stern all summer.  Didn't want it ripped to shreds in the 60 mph winds that are supposed to blow today.  Tied all of the dock lines tight to eliminate major bobbing.  Major up and down bobbing plays hell with the cleats mounted on a boat.  Best to eliminate that play.

Here's Grace and Wifey.  Wifey had brought Grace's bike to the bus stop so that she could ride it home.  They're doing what they always do when they're together.  Talk.  Look.  Check things out.  Like you see here.  Check out Wifey's mouth open awe of whatever it is they're looking at.

Our girls do what girls should do.  Enjoy themselves and the company that they give to each other.


Joker_SATX said...


We are getting rained on today as well. The Weather is just Car...aaaazy!

Bob said...

I've got room on the Ark for one more. R U interested?

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