Monday, October 05, 2009

Bob is asked to write a screen play

I've been asked to write a screen play not based on a book but on an idea.  The title of the film will be The Wind Talkers.  I know, I know.  There's already a film out with that title.  I don't ask questions.  I just do the writing.  The money is good so why ask questions.  These boys from Hollywood know what they're doing.

So, what's the plot?  The film will be about a colony of people who were born without vocal chords.  They communicate quite adquately with one other by means of flatulence.  Yes, that's quite right.

Men and women in the colony are so adept at flatulence that they have formed several musical groups. Members of the colony can break wind continuously at will so as to produce the effect of singing.  The film will be not only drama based but a musical, too.

They Call the Wind Mariah.  Blowing in the Wind.  The Wind Cries Mary. The Wayward Wind.   Four Strong Winds (a quartet rendering).  Dust in the Wind.  What's That Smell.  These are a few of the songs to be included in the film

I'm being flown by the producers of the film to spend time in the colony as part of the process of gathering information before I commence writing The Wind Talkers.

I think I see an Oscar in Bob's future.


Joker_SATX said...


I just have one question? How many pairs of underwear are they gonna go through to produce this movie?

Bob said...

There's the Skidmark Rule: The darker the skid the more appropriate the change.

Max said...

Had kidney beans for lunch yesterday (need to go shopping...) and pinto beans at dinner. Let's just say that today I could be the starring role.

Bob said...

But can you fart a tune?

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