Sunday, October 11, 2009

Early For Thanksgiving Dinner

Check it out.  Turkey on a pickup that's parked at the lake marina.  Check out the bent antenna.  What you can't see are the scratches on the hood all thanks to this turkey and it's sharp claws.

The bird makes the habit of sitting on cars or trucks parked under this tree.  Every day.  Loves the shade.  Loves the protection.  Loves being off the ground and on a flat surface.  The bird will not go away.  It's been tried.

People who don't frequent the marina think this is cute until the bird parks on their vehicle.  Scratches.  Turkey poop.   You'd think the Parks Service would do something.  

I see but one option:  A Thanksgiving turkey dinner in October.    I'll shoot if if you pluck the feathers and pick out the buckshot.


La Roo said...

Tom the Turkey just wants to sit on a warm car, leave him alone Bob.

Bob said...

You'd be singing another tune if this bird was on your car and had scratched the hell out of it.

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