Sunday, November 01, 2009

Letting Go

Last week was a tough week on friends.

First Lorna.  We met in junior high school and remained close throughout the years.  In high school Lorna wrote each one of my absence notes.  I could come and go at will knowing that there would be no unexcused absences or "cuts" because mother Lorna would make certain there was a note justifying why I was not in school.  Doctor, dentist, illness, whatever a legit excuse allowed me to do just about anything other than go to class. If my mother submitted a note for one of my absences it would have been called a forgery by the school office.  Lorna even signed my report cards that were returned to school.  Mom and dad only saw the bogus report cards that Lorna helped me to prepare . . . all with very good grades.

Over the years we called, e-mailed and occasionally got together.  We were usually always in touch.  Last week Lorna succumbed to lymphatic cancer.  Her family said that her illness was overwhelming and the fight futile.  Lorna thanked her physician for all he had done relaxed and died.

Donna, and I became friends when we served together on the local draft board.  Bet you didn't think there were any such animals anymore, did you....Well, there are functioning draft boards in every town all set to call up eligible men (and maybe women) should the need ever arise.

Like Lorna, Donna and I remained in touch usually e-mailing and every once in a while calling each other.  Donna was always fun, a tough cookie, a civic leader whose motto was, "I don't lean.  I push".  And that she did.  Friday Donna died from the liver cancer than had spread throughout her body.  Knowing Donna she was pushing and not leaning until the very end.  She was not one to let go.

Both of these ladies will be missed by friends and family alike.  And if I said that I wasn't more than a bit heartsick today I'd be lying. 

The untimely passing of two friends is a reminder of our own mortality.  Like it or not one day my number and yours will come up.  That's life.  That's what we signed on for.  Letting go and accepting that principle is a tough one.  We'll always be here, right?  Always.

With this in mind . . . that nothing is forever . . . there are basics rules of the game of life.  You know them well or at least you should.   Live life to the fullest, love and laugh abundantly.  Live joyfully. 

And don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. . . .

BTW:  Taken yesterday this photo are of the docks at the marina . . . just past where Sparkle Plenty is berthed..  It  was 76 degrees, very little wind and sunny.    We'll be sailing later today as the weatherman has promised the same weather.  Time to get out there and just do it.

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La Roo said...

Sorry for your losses. They both sounded like wonderful people. You're stories are told from the heart and the memories are priceless.
You are absolutely right.....nothing is forever. I've learned that and battle with it all my life.
You do have to live life to the fullest and enjoy.
Take care Bob.
I'll be thinking about you.

Joker_SATX said...


My sincerest condolences on your loss.

I have always said that life is a while you can. Be good to others but don't be taken advantage of.

I know just how you feel my friend...I know just how you feel.

Have a great day sailing.

La Roo said...

Good morning Bob.

La Roo said...

It's weird not to see you posting. Hope you come back soon

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