Friday, November 20, 2009

The Revelation

 It's coming.  I just know it.  The revelation will come if not this year then certainly in the next.

Grace:  I know there's no Santa Claus.

Me:  How do you know that?

Grace:  Someone told me at school and then I asked my mom if she was Santa.  So now I know there is no Santa Claus.  Santa is mom and dad.

I've thought a lot about the deal about whether there is or is not a Santa.   Probably spent more time thinking about that when I should have been planning the next move in the stock market.  Knowing Grace is going to come up with the revelation that there is no Santa I want to be prepared.  You see, I believe in Santa.  I do.  And no seven year old kid is going to convince me otherwise. 

Me:  Grace, there is a Santa.  There is.  And I believe there is a Santa.

Grace:  Papa!  Not really.  Have you ever seen the real Santa come down the chimney and put presents under the tree.

Me:  Yes, Papa....I believe in Santa and you should too.  No, I've never seen Santa come down the chimney and put presents under the tree. Do you know of anyone who has?   But before you answer that I want you to think about something.  You believe in God and and you believe in Jesus.  Right?

Grace:  Yes, I believe in God and Jesus.

Me:  Have you ever seen God or Jesus or do you know anyone who has seen them?

Grace:  No one ever told me that before.  Maybe they have.

 Me:  But even though no one has ever seen God or Jesus they still believe in them.

Grace:  That's because they are real.  Santa is not.

Me:  Ahhh, that's where you're wrong.  Just because you've never seen Santa doesn't mean that we should not believe in him.  Believing in Santa is believing a part of the spirit of Christmas that brings families together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Jesus is the reason for the season but Santa also makes it a special time for families to join together.  That's why I'll always believe in God, Jesus and Santa. 

Grace will probably not know what to think or say right then.  But then neither does any member of the family know what to say when I expect this personal belief of mine with them. 

Grace just turned seven.  I'm hoping for at least one more year of innocence on the topic of Santa.  There are too many harsh revelations in this life that are tough pills to swallow for our youngest.   I am hoping this one stays in the bottle for a little while longer.   I hate the thought of once more being the only one in the family who believes in Santa Claus. 


La Roo said...

We still believe in Santa. He comes through our mailbox slot. :)

Rachel said...

I believe, I believe!

Joker_SATX said...

Nice Touch Bob...I have to remember this as my turn will be coming up.

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