Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crabby Tuesday

I'm crabby:  I can't see a damn thing.  The visit to the optometrist yielded a new prescription for contact lenses which I'm wearing right now.  Left eye bumped to a 4.0 with the right 50 leaving me with blurry distant vision.  The screen of the computer is blurry.   Back to see the optometrist this afternoon.

If there are mistakes or if some of this post doesn't make sense it's because I can't see what the hell I'm doing  Bare with me.

I'm also crabby over this:  Spaghetti for a Thanksgiving Feast?  Each year at this time Gracie's school invites parents and relatives to join the students in a Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey and all the trimmings.  This year the cafeteria manager decided for lord knows what reason to serve spaghetti instead of turkey.  How un American is that?!  I knew that broad was a commie bitch in disguise!

Bob's really crabby about this:  Then I learn that we're billions in debt to the Chinese all thanks to bailing this and that out.  If that's not bad enough there's the trade deficit between the U.S. and China.  The experts say trade between the two countries should be a buck in and a buck out.  Doesn't work that way.  China's sending shit loads of their goods here but only allowing a trickle from the U.S. to enter their country.  So we're being double screwed by China.

Bob is crazy crabby here:  If we fought World War II like we're fighting the war in the Middle East we'd all be speaking Japanese or German and driving cars manufactured in their countries.  Well, this is half right.  Won the war but lost the battle of vehicles.  My thoughts are that if you're going to fight a war then fight the damn thing and be done with it.  Civilians in the way?  That didn't stop Give 'em Hell Harry when he ordered two big ones to be dropped on two Japanese cities.  That didn't stop the Allies from firebombing a half dozen cities in Germany and Japan.  So now we don't do that and the big wigs wonder why we can't win a war in the Middle East.    Gotta do what ya gotta do if you're going to fight a war.  If you can't or won't do "that" then don't get in the middle of a war that you don't plan on winning.

Bob is hiding out and crabby because:  My forehead looks like I've got jungle rot.  Red.  Blotches.  Crusty skin.  Open sores.  All thanks to my dermatologist.  I've been invited to a few functions this week which I have begged off.  Can't stand being seen like that.   And we're not even half through the process of peeling a couple of layers of skin off.  Shit.

It felt good to get that load off my mind.  But I'm still crabby.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Joker_SATX said...

To me this is sort of refreshing to know that you are Human Bob...just like me.

For a while I thought I was gonna have to bow to Bob the superhuman demi-God. I am glad to know that Bob is really a guy I can share a beer with....

La Roo said...

You're kinda cute when your crabby. :)

Max said...

Dad, you can go.... show up as Pirate Bob!

Sapphire Queen said...

Silly Hot Bob. You didn't know we were China's bitch? Who do you think cosigned all those loans from the Federal Reserve (which, despite it's name, is nothing more than a big bank)? As soon as the Annointed One was elected, we were doomed.

Between health care, cap and trade, huge deficits, AND him signing the One Global Government crap at the UN, we will truly be a second class country. Which is the direction we've been sliding in for the past year.

Sapphire Queen said...

But I agree with LaRoo, you are absolutely gorgeous when you're crabby. Find me in Arkham, I still have the cold beer.

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