Thursday, November 26, 2009

Too Smooth 4 Sailing

Yesterday on the lake:  76 degrees.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Absolutely no wind at all.  Flat water lake surface.  It was way too smooth to sail.

Since there's no wind we motor out to the middle of the lake.  Wifey curls up on the deck and takes a nap.  I screw around with the sails actually thinking that I can get the boat to move without absolutely any wind.  Three other sailboats sit just like we're sitting.  We wave at each other.

After her power nap Wifey hands me a plastic tumbler filled with liquid.

Me:  What's that?

Wifey:  It's Coke.  I thought you'd like it in a glass.

I take the Coke and pour it out over the side of the boat.

Wifey:  What's that all about?  I take the time to get you something to drink and you pour it out?

Me:  That was one of the tumblers that I took a leak into the other day.  I just couldn't pee over the side and I didn't want to use the head.  It was handy so I peed in it.

Wifey:  I am thinking you would have let me drink out of that damn thing and not said one freaking word.  You'd do that, wouldn't you.  And peeing in drink cups.  That's so very wrong, Bob.

Bob with a big smile on his face.

Me:  As Capt of this boat I can very well pee anywhere and in anything I want.  And yeah, I probably would not have said anything . . . think I'd want to be killed over something like that?

Moral of this story:  While sailing with Bob open your own drink cans  and never EVER drink out of any cups or tumblers.   Nothing is sacred on the good ship Sparkle Plenty.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful to be able to live to tell this story.  Yes, Wifey would have killed Bob dead over a plastic tumbler used to pee in.

Happy day to each one of you!


La Roo said...

We are bringing our own drinks when we come sailing.
Would that be weird if we came sailing? Wifey would be like ,who are they?
Back to the tumbler........
I would've had to kill you, if you did that to me.:)

Happy Day to you Bob!!

Max said...

Man up, dad! I've always grabbed a mast stay and pissed over the side when sailing in the bay.

Bob said...

Laroo: Wifey would and is fine with that. We'll leave the hatch open for ya.

Joker_SATX said...

Well, now I know and am fully warned....Bob..can I get you drink?

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