Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have four secretaries. Four. And I have four offices. Don't ask why. I just have four. It came with the territory.

Last month one of my four secretaries sent the following e-mail to me:

"You cannot choose your battlefield. God does that for you. But you can plant a standard where a standard never flew." - Nathalia Crane

This was included with her e-mail:, "Thanks for your standards; you may not think we notice but we do."

It's been one of those days. Last night I did the board's dirty work because no one had the stomach or the courage to do it. Today I performed damage control associated with the board's decision because no one wanted to take that on. That's why they pay me the big bucks. Bob is not short on balls and everyone knows that.

When I do things during this assignment that no one else wants to do I'd like to think that in a small way that I've planted my standard here.

My dog. Okay, our dog. The wife likes the "our" in things like this.

OUR Zinni, what a jewel. A Jilli (God rest her soul) she's not but there's huge potential for Zinni to be another one of those one in a life time dogs.

Zinni's a ball of fluff. She's one dog to cuddle with. Like her male owner, she hates cuddling. The wife will fix that.

You've seen dogs run about with their tail and butt down to the ground. Zinni does that in circles around me indefinitely.

Zinni's crazy for ball, ball and more ball.

And I'm crazy for throw the ball, throw the ball and throw the ball more. Damn, it's fun!

There's nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. Nothing.

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Sexy Duet said...

Zinni is so gorgeous, if I come for turkey I might just try and sneak her into my suitcase :)


Bob said...

Ms SD: Better Bob in your suitcase than Zinni. . . . :)

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