Sunday, April 27, 2008


Rarely do I post pictures of myself. I found this one as I browsed the computer library of pictures. This one taken by the wife in the Watson Gym (aptly named after yours truly) during a November photo shoot with a professional photographer.

Each November me, the wife and grand daughter Gracie have our pictures taken. What has now turned out to be a tradition began with the sentiment of having Gracie's pictures professionally taken once a year sometime during her birthday month.

The yearly photo shoot started out as all about Grace. It is now all about the three of us. So, every year for the past five years we've posed together for the camera. If nothing else the pictures present a wonderful chronicle of Gracie growing up and a dismal reminder that the wife and I are aging. That's life, folks. Can't stop the clock or the wrinkles.

If I had one thing to do I would not live it as a blonde (so sayeth the commercial for Clairol) but I would definitely use more sunscreen while swimming, gardening, boating , etc. There would be far fewer wrinkles and many less visits to the dermatologist.

The ladies of the house, Candace and Grace. This picture serves as a reminder to Bob to mind his P's and Q's during the week while working in the Valley.

At this stage of the game, Bob doesn't know anything else but to mind his P's and Q's.

But back in the day . . . .

That's a whole 'nother chapter that I dare not publish in What About Bob. . . .

You get my drift.

Happy Sunday.

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Sexy Duet said...

I like getting a rare glimpse of Bob and that is a great shot of you.

You have given me a reminder that we should have another professional shot done, it has been about five years since the last but it is so hard to get Mr SD in front of a camera.

I have lots of professional photos of my daughter playing sport but it would be nice to have a family one.

Those two beauties are definitely worth minding your P's and Q's for.


SeaRabbit said...

Those are lovely pictures!!! It is a nice tradition...
And yes, I agree... once a season is done, it should be done... the weatherman told us we should expect snow next Thursday... If he is right, I will be devastated...

Flyinfox_SATX said...


The Family looks awesome. Good Pics! Here is hoping you had a kick ass weekend.

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