Saturday, April 12, 2008


Yesterday there were two road stops for highway construction on the way home from the Valley.

Both were about 10 minutes each so I took the opportunity to roll down the window and take a few pictures.

Typical lazy ass American photographic method.

Here's Mt. Shasta out the passenger side of the truck. She's a beauty.
Then there's this. I've driven by this home with the RV parked alongside of it all winter.

It's just been recently that I've noticed that something is very wrong with the RV.

So get this: This winter there was a lot of snow and ice in this area.

Homeowner not thinking worse case winter scenario:

"We'll just park the RV here. It's safe. It's right next to the house. Nothing will happen to it."

Wrong! Ice accumulated on the metal roof of the house.

Ice thawed.

A hudge sheet of ice had to have slid down the roof and dropped smack dab onto the RV.


Crushed motor home!

That had to be one of those "WTF!" moments.

File this under the "Things you'd never think about".
Too bad some people have to learn the hard way. . . .

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jillie said...

I've already got the tats. I do things back half asswards....LOL! 3 of them as a matter of fact.

BTW...Great photos!

evalinn said...


And btw, lazy ass isn´t always bad!

Have a great weekend. :-)

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