Sunday, April 20, 2008


Saturday night is usually pizza night. Last night pizza and all of it's fat sounded like artery trouble.

Turkey at any time of the year is a good thing. At our house it's usually barbecued on the gas Weber.

Turn the middle burner off. Heat to 400 degrees. Place the turkey on V-shaped rack.

With an electronic probe cooking a turkey is a no brainer. 180 degrees it's done but take it out of the barbecue at about 170 degrees, tent it and wait for the temp to rise, then carve that baby.

So easy, even a caveman can do it.

Last night was the final symphony of the season. Last week being one of those weeks I was too tuckered out to go so the wife went alone. And looking at yet another board meeting this coming Monday night put a damper on my otherwise light Saturday night spirits.

This morning the wife raved and raved about the music. Guess I missed out on something special.

There are about 35 working days left on the gig in the Valley. I can hardly wait to get this done and over with.

There are better things in life to focus on other than problems that are not really mine.

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Sexy Duet said...

The only time we ever have turkey is Christmas Day and Pa always cooks it in the webber with hot coals. Your turkey looks yummy!!!


Bob said...

Ahhh, you'll be here in Sept. How about me and the wife cooking up a little turkey for Ms. and Mr. SD?

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