Monday, April 28, 2008


This oil thing is starting to hit home. Every Sunday I fill the truck with diesel before heading back up to the Valley.

Yesterday the best diesel price that I could find in Cow Town was . . . drum roll, please:

$4.26 a gallon. $121 to fill the tank. That amount could probably feed a family of four for 5 to 7 days. Terrible!

I hope whoever is gouging everyone around the world is enjoying the so called fruits of their labors.

Those who make minimum wage or who live at or below the poverty level must be having a terrible time finding $$ for fuel. It's not uncommon to see some people putting 5 or 10 bucks worth of gas into their cars at a time.

No wonder the roads are less crowded. And I'm thinking that this summer there will be fewer vacationing Americans on the road, too. Back in the day you could buy 10 gallons of gas for 2 bucks. Today you can buy 2 gallons of gas for 10 bucks. How's that for economics?

Even I am thinking twice before driving anywhere.

Speaking of gas, here's Zinni doing what Zinni loves to do: Ball, ball and more ball. She's learned to put the ball into her water dish. Next comes pawing at the water to get the ball out of the dish. Water, water everywhere but not a drop in the dish when Zinni's done with her ball in the water dish trick.

Zinni, for being a pup, is full of spirit, love and mischief. But that's why we've come to love her.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...


It is a crying shame what is happening out there. You would think that we would have alternative fuel technology out there by now. I am feeling the pinch and I drive a Hybrid.


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