Monday, April 07, 2008


I rent a duplex in the Valley. It's decent. It's been renovated. Only thing - my neighbors need renovating.

So here it is, pictures of my neighbors in the Valley. I'm thinking they subscribe to this: If it has four wheels, if it uses fossil fuel and the damned thing don't run - then park the M F'er cause you never know when you need a spare vehicle.

So here's neighbor #1. He has a green Chev truck for the weekends. The brown truck here is for work. The Suburban? Who knows - in 6 months this thing has not moved a lick. Nor has the white boat alongside of it . . . and then there's the travel travel . . . One guy - all these vehicles. How much is enough?

Then a guy and his wife move into the unit next to Guy number one.

He has three trucks that sit against the back fence and an Italian camper (red neck talk for horse trailer). He has a Ford truck that's driven to work everyday. His wife has some little piss ant of a car which she drives.

See the white Dodge next to the Italian camper? Yesterday this dude drove it to the front of the house, popped the tailgate and use it for something to put his table top barbecue on.

When the barbecue was done he put the truck back against the fence with the rest of the other four wheeled deals.

Am I missing something here?

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evalinn said...

Lol, your neighbours are just sooooo american!! ;-D U´d like me for a neighbour, I don´t have any car!

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* I have a mechanic across the street. I feel your pain.

Blessed said...

Reminds me ...
Love thy neighbor!
It didn't say like.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

These are things that make me appreciate my homeowner's association.

jillie said...

Don't you just love those neighbors? I have one similar to that right next door...OH MY!

Max said...

Yep, you are missing something here. You're also supposed to also have a vehicle that you seldom use, like a 911 or Corvette parked at home.

Bob said...

Eva: You can move next door any time, girl. . .

Blither Bean: Misery does love company. Thanks!

Blessed: I will hold off on loving my neighbors. They smoke and don't take baths....

Fox: My am the chief of my homeowners association and I carry a 12 gauge shotgun . . . .

Jillie: Don't get mad, just get even.

Max: I like the way you think.

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