Saturday, April 19, 2008


This was the picture that was to be posted Thursday but for some reason it never made the cut.

It's Saturday in Cow Town. In April the town has Kool April Nights whoop de la for vintage car owners.

Old cars are all over the place this weekend. Thing about owning an old car? It's still an old car subject to old car problems.

Lots of guys buy the car they never had as a kid. Lots of guys divorce their wives and marry the girl they never had when they were younger. As for me, keep the wife (they don't make 'em like that anymore) and buy the car that had not been invented when I was a kid.

One more thing about owning an old car? You look like all of the other old fart car owners. Ever check them out? They all look the same. All wear baseball caps, sport grey beards, have pot bellies that hang over their belts and are married to BBW's.

Then there's the Carrera owners: Good looking dudes. Slim, could run a marathon at a moments notice. Foxed out wife or girl friend on their arm.

I found the Carrera cabriolet. It's an '04 with 25,000 miles still under Porsche warranty. Now if we can just make the deal . . . I'm a cheap bastard who drives a hard bargain. Car dealers hate to see me coming. . ..

Wife (after reading this post): So you're going to get ready to run a Marathon?

Me: I'm ready to run a Marathon right now?

Wife: No way that you're ready for that!

Me: Sure, I'm ready to run a Marathon right now. I didn't say that I could finish it, did I?

BTW People: This is WHAT ABOUT BOB post 550. And they said it wouldn't last!

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