Friday, August 19, 2011

School Days-School Days

The first day of school was Tuesday, August 16th.  Whatever happened to school starting the day after Labor Day?  Geeze.  It's hot.  It's summer.  Kids should be out having fun not reading, writing and arthmetic. 

Here's Grace with two of her partners in fourth grade crime.  Gracie's the shrimp in her class.  Definitely small compared to her peers as well she should be:  She's the youngest kid in this grade.  Most are are year older. Give her time.  Grace inherited Wifey's long legs and no doubt her height, too.  She'll be at least 5'9", all in due time.

What Grace lacks in height she makes up in brains and personality.  If you met her you'd know what I mean. 

Size doesn't always matter.

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La Roo said...

How cute is that? I want to be little again. :)

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